Short Guided Tour - 2
This is not a conventional website it is more like an electronic book. It has been designed to allow the viewer to take a number of comprehensive guided Tours of locations or topics by simply opening the Tour and selecting Slideshow in the popup window.

For the more serious researcher there are over 5,000 pages to explore covering the history of the buildings and details of past residents and their religious and social activities. This information may be accessed randomly via interactive screens.

The user interface and the images have been designed to use the whole of your PC screen. In your Browser, from the Toolbar at the top of the screen, select View/ Full Screen to expand the window to its maximum (F11 key on PC). This avoids the need to scroll. Press F11 a second time to return to normal view.

In the popup windows the images have been arranged to be viewed logically as a Slideshow but may be accessed randomly. By selecting Home in any popup window it is possible to gain access to the entire gallery of images covering all the topics hosted on the site.
First Some Driving Instructions
Please take a moment to read the points below. They will save you a LOT of time and frustration.
Choose View/Full Screen from your Browser to avoid the need to scroll - F11 key on PC
Move through the tour using the red arrows